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Referral Program


Earn up to 20 % commission by referring us clients ( Maximum commission is R 1800 per client. )

This is not a job offer it is purely on a pay per referral basis.

For referral purposes you just need to listen for people who complains about too much debt and who is struggling with it.   We can help them.

When you have identified somebody, you can mail us the name and telephone number of the person and a time that is best for us to call them.   This person must know that we will call them.  You should not try and give this person advice.   Only refer him/her.    We will do the rest.


1. Give us a call on 087 942 5999

2. Send us an email for information on how to get started:


Remember you have nothing to lose.   Money can be made  by just listening and knowing what to hear.    This is a no risk opportunity. 


The fee structure for Debt Review is as follow:

Example 1:

Total debt payment for Mr Ahmed is R4800-00.    Once we have restructured and reduced the payment, Mr Ahmed will pay R2480-00.

Payment in Month 1: R2480-00 This is the Fee for the Debt Counsellor
Payment in Month 2: R2480-00 This is paid to the lawyer to get a Court Order
Payment in Month 3 and after: R2480-00 This is paid to Creditors as arranged

The Referral Fee is 20% of the Debt Counsellor Fee: R2480-00 x 20% = R496.00

Example 2:

Total debt payment for Mr Jonas is R15 500-00. Once we have restructured and reduced the payment, Mr Jonas will pay R8100-00.

Payment in Month 1: R8100-00 Fee for the Debt Counsellor is max R6000. Rest to Creditors
Payment in Month 2: R8100-00 Fee to the lawyer to get a Court Order, max R6000
Payment in Month 3 and after: R8100-00 This is paid to Creditors as arranged

The Referral Fee is 20% of the Debt Counsellor Fee: R8100-00 x 20% = R1620-00

If you need more information of how the process works, please ask us. We will in any case give you that info once we receive the first referral. Then you will understand how the flow of money works.


  • Friends & family
  • People at work
  • Talking to employees at a company.  (Via union or HR)
  • Church
  • Friends of friends
  • You can also have sub-agents.  You can pay them a small % to get prospective clients

DEBT MEDIC SA is a registered Debt Counselling company. Registered with the NCR with registration number NCRDC 2142.

  • We deal with clients who has too much debt.    (They are Over-indebted)
  • At the end of the month they cannot pay all the debt OR
  • They can pay the debt, but then there is no money left for anything else.

Some people want to do a Debt Consolidation Loan.   That is not advisable.  You are only making many small problems into one big problem.  Also, the Interest Rates are not low.  Normally Over-Indebted people do not qualify for a Loan in any case.

If there is anything you need to discuss, just mail us.   Remember, it is in the interest of both parties for us to give you all the assistance you would need.   Do not hesitate to mail us with questions.    Our company is not the biggest but our service levels are outstanding

We see this as a Joint Venture between you and Debt Medic SA.  Our Referral Fee must be the highest in the industry. We are willing to pay this commission because of the high cost of advertising.  And a referred client is far better than just a lead from Facebook or Google

Thank you and may we have a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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