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Have you applied for debt review but have not settled all your debt under debt review? The National credit act stipulates that once ALL DEBT is paid up under debt review that the debt counselor must issue a clearance to all credit buraus and credit providers to update your listing and remove the debt review status.


However, there are circumstances that a client would like to withdraw the process earlier as they feel they can afford their debt obligations or they have missed payments on their debt review and paying creditors directly what they can afford , they then feel they also want the status of debt review removed.  Keep in mind as well that if a consumer has missed debt review payments and a creditor terminates from the debt review process a debt counsellor cannot issue clearance until ALL DEBT originally under debt review is settled in full, through debt review or direct payment to creditors.



If you feel that you are no longer benefiting from debt review or accounts have been terminated and / or you feel you can make direct payments to credit providers, we can do a NOT OVER INDEBTED APPLICATION for you through the courts.  You will provide us with consent, an application form will also be completed. We will obtain all documents needed from your debt counselor.

You will work directly with us and our attorney who will assist in taking the matter to court for you.

Payments will be made directly to our attorney which can be paid over 3 months.

An application in the Western Cape will be R6000

Anything outside the western cape will R9000

Send us an email to or leave your details.

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